UCI is so close to winning...

Oct. 6, 2020

UCI is competing in the Ballot Bowl! Register to vote, and help Anteaters win! 

Currently, UCI is in 3rd place among UC schools. We’re right behind UCSD and UCLA. You can see live results here. Anteaters take pride in empowering our community and we are determined to win. Help us beat the other schools in this friendly competition by registering to vote with thislink. It just takes 2 minutes. 

If you’re already registered, make sure your address is current, especially if you moved or returned home.

Tips for registering to vote:

  1. Use your full, legal name.
  2. Include your dorm or apartment number!
  3. Financial aid and tuition will NOT be impacted by your voting address.
  4. You can learn more about voting in CA here.
  5. Complete before your state’s deadline. California online registrations must be completed by Oct 19th, though you can still vote conditionally on election day if you miss the deadline in CA. 

Which address do I use?

If you recently moved to college, you have two options! 

  1. Re-register to vote using your new address. This means they will mail you everything there and you will vote for candidates that represent your new address.
  2. Request an absentee ballot. This means they will mail you everything to your new address, but you vote for the candidates back home. Use this link to request one in CA. 

What next?

It’s important to plan out your preferred method of voting to make the process as easy as possible. To help, here are a few ways you can vote:

  1. In-Person Voting
  • Orange County voting centers will open on Oct 30th and close on November 3rd at 8pm
  • Some of the nearest voting centers in UCI will be at the UCI Student Center Ballrooms or the University Hills Community Center
  1. Vote By Mail
  • All Californian voters will receive a ballot in the mail this October. 
  • Drop off your ballot at any outgoing mailbox by November 3rd, but try to drop it off as early as possible!
  • These ballots do not require any postage stamps to be mailed (CA), so no need to spend anything to send your ballot, just make sure to fill out necessary information and sign before sending
  1. Ballot Drop Box
  • Ballots received in the mail can be dropped off at any Ballot Drop Box in Orange County without any postage stamps
  • A ballot drop box is located in Mesa Lot 5

If you still have questions about your circumstance, you may email ucidecide@asuci.uci.edu


Joshua Block


UC I Decide Coordinator, ASUCI, 20-21