Oct. 16, 2020

Anteaters take pride in empowering our community! Register to vote before the deadline Monday, October 19th. Make your voice heard-- it just takes 2 minutes.

Register to vote or check your address here (CA) or here (outside of CA)

It’s essential that the election officials have your most recent address-- and don’t forget your dorm or apartment number! Below you will find a Q&A of common voter registration questions.

Q: Will my voting address impact financial aid or tuition?

A: Not at all! Your financial aid, tuition, and other school finances are not impacted by where you register to vote.

Q: I am registered to vote for a different location, is that ok?

A: Just be sure you can access your ballot by election day (Nov 3rd, 2020). For example, if you are living on-campus, you should update your mailing address (and voting address if desired) for your dorm room. The mailing address is where your mail ballot is shipped and the voting address is the location your vote counts for.

Q: What if I want to vote back home but temporarily live somewhere else?

A: You can do that! You can receive an absentee ballot by filling out the form here

Q: I don’t know if I am registered to vote...

A: No worries! You can check your registration status here

Q: Am I eligible to register to vote?

A: In California, you must be 18 years old by election day, a U.S. citizen, and not currently serving on parole. Some states vary...

Q: Should I register to vote for candidates in my college address or home residence?

A: This is an entirely personal decision, as long as you have a legitimate address where you live. Some online tools, like can help you make an informed decision.

Q: How do I vote this year?

A: You may early vote by mail or in-person at the nearest voting location! Every registered voter in California will receive a mail ballot, but you may still cast it inperson. For more information about voting in CA, please visit this link.

Q: I still have questions about my personal circumstances or other voting stuff!

A: You can email with any voting questions. I will respond as soon as possible and connect you with the right resources and information!


Joshua Block

UC I Decide Commissioner

ASUCI, 2020-2021